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Employment Opportunities
at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Would you like a job at one of the most exciting places to work in Lancaster County?

Now accepting applications for Summer Hiring (employment begins after July 4, 2015).
Applications received after April 15th will be considered for Fall Hiring.

To Apply for our Team (READ INSTRUCTIONS BELOW).

Only electronic applications are accepted. If needed, you may come to the CCAF office to complete an application electronically. Please call first.

Instructions for sending Application VIA email:
1. Open employment application below (word doc).
2. Complete form and SAVE it.
3. Attach the saved document to an email and send to MissyH@cherrycrestfarm.com.

You will be notified via email if an interview is requested.

Please remember that employment, if offered, will begin after July 4, 2015 in most cases.

  • Join over a million adventurers
  • Over 50 Farm Fun Activities for everyone
  • Experience the Amazing Maize Maze® - A 5 acre corn maze - World's Largest Interactive Game
  • "People come out grinning from ear to ear" CNN
  • "One of 25 Cool things to do..." Sports Illustrated for Kids.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm offers...

  • A Fun Work Environment
  • On the Job Training
  • Annual Raises
  • Flexible Hours
  • Employee Friendly Online Scheduling
  • Free Season Passes for the Employee & his/her Immediate Family
  • Fun Employee Outings
  • Employee Discounts
  • Opportunities to Earn Great Prizes
  • A Management Team Dedicated to your Success

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is looking for employees who are

  • Friendly
  • Team Players
  • Dedicated
  • Excited about working with people
  • Willing to learn new skills
  • Hardworking
  • Outgoing
  • Ages 14 & up

Our seasonal part-time and fulltime opportunities give the perfect flexibility for all ages. We are currently looking for employees ages 14 years and up. We are a great place to work for students, moms, retired folks, teachers and others in search of a fun part time job.

We offer competitive wages, yearly increases, company picnic, fun working environment, flexible hours and days, and great customerservice skills training.

Job Categories

Retailing - Working in retailing requires good customer service skills, an interest in selling, a friendly, outgoing personality, and the ability to run a register and count money. Jobs in retailing would include our General Store, Admissions Booth and Fudge Kitchen.

Custodial - Our custodian jobs include responsibilities such as wiping down tables, checking trash cans, watering flowers, picking up litter and cleaning restrooms. Custodians, especially the ones that work in the maze, are frequently asked questions by customers. Custodians need to be familiar with the farm and its attractions and be friendly towards customers. They also need to be organized, systematic, and pay attention to details.

Attendant - Attendants work in areas like our pumpkin slinger, pedal karts, hay chute slide and jump pillow. Attendants need to be good at working with small groups of people, providing them with instructions, and keeping an eye out for safety.

Food Service - Our food service areas require a range of abilities. For example, the Lemonade stand does not require abilities in cooking. Making the lemonade is a simple but specific process. The Home Cookin Café, on the other hand, requires the ability to make wraps, burgers and fries. For this job category we look for friendly employees, who are able to pay attention to the details of how something is made. They may be required to count money and run a register.

Public Speaking - Our public speaking jobs include maze guides, Farm Ed Center attendants, and our host maze master. These jobs require an ability to speak in front of groups of 20 or more people. Individuals in these positions need to be able to project their voices, be outgoing, enthusiastic and love working with people. They also need to be able to memorize a short presentation and/or facts about the farm.

Instructor - In the fall we will be looking for individuals who are willing to work part time in our School Tour program. These individuals need to love children, be willing to teach short lessons and learn facts about farming. This is a great job for moms, retired teachers, bus drivers, etc.