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Annual Pumpkin Madness Festival
November 5, 2016
12pm - 5pm

pumpkin web Annual Pumpkin Madness Festival
-November 5 2016 
12pm - 5pm

How many ways can you demolish a pumpkin? Well Cherry Crest is on a quest to find out. We’ll be taking our left over pumpkins and transforming the farm into a frenzy of pumpkin destruction! Throwing, launching, hurling, rolling, dropping & smashing are all part of the festivities of our fourth annual Pumpkin Madness Festival. Bring your pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns from home or use some of our leftover stash, while supplies last.

*NEW* for this year--Fireworks at 8pm!

For the first time ever, join us after dark for an amazing fireworks display!

Reverse Pumpkin Darts

Throwing pumpkins at reverse dart board Reverse Pumpkin Darts

Instead of throwing darts at pumpkin, you'll be hurling your pumpkin towards a board filled with pointy darts! Aim for the very center... Will your pumpkin stick or fall to the ground in lots of little pieces?

Pumpkin Putt-Putt

NEW for this year--the youngsters in the group can try their hand at pumpkin putt-putt! Grab a mini golf club and see if you can hit the golf ball into the jack-o-lantern's mouth! Can you get a hole-in-one??

Pumpkin Smashing

Pumpkin smashing fun festival Pumpkin Smashing

Use our rubber mallets to smash a pumpkin! There's nothing like the squish-squish sound of smashed pumpkins. Even mom and dad can join in the fun!

Pumpkin Bowling

This bowling alley is just for the youngsters in the crowd (ages 10 & under). This game plays a lot like regular bowling - except competitors will send pumpkins rolling down the lane and crashing into the pins.

Pumpkin Shotput

Pumpkin shot put fun festival Pumpkin Shotput

Chuck your pumpkin as far as you can into an open field. We'll mark your spot and at the end of the day the winner in each age category will win complimentary tickets! This competition is open to anyone who wants to join, so we have categories for all ages and abilities!

The Great Pumpkin Drop

Pumpkin drop from sky high fun festival The Great Pumpkin Drop

Watch in awe as your pumpkin is hurled from the top of our giant boom lift and crashes onto our target below. The bigger the pumpkin - the better the splat! Write something funny on your pumpkin, and our MC just might read it aloud before sending your pumpkin tumbling to the ground.

We will drop a large pumpkin at the end of the day, so stay posted for more details like what time and just how big it might be!

Pumpkin Ring-Toss

Another classic carnival game--test your skill and see if you can get a "ringer" around the pumpkin!

Pin-the-Face on the Pumpkin

Pin the face on the pumpkin fun festival Pin-the-Face on the Pumpkin

This activity, aimed at the younger kids (ages 10 & under), is sure to get a lot of laughs! Put on the blindfold, have mom or dad spin you around, and see what kind of face you make on the pumpkin. The more times you spin, the sillier the face!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Carved pumpkin Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pick a pumpkin out of our field and carve an amazing design in it--you could be a winner! Anyone can join our pumpkin carving contest; you'll find the supplies in the pick-your-own tent up by the pumpkin activities!

Special Food

In honor of our pumpkin demolition, we'll also have pumpkin foods for you to devour. Our local fire company brings you every pumpkin food you can think of - Pumpkin Fudge, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Whoopee Pies & more are on the menu. YUM!

2016 Timeline of Events

12pm - Pumpkin Princess kicks off the 2016 Pumpkin Madness Festival by dropping the first pumpkin!

12pm-5pm - All pumpkin activities are open (while supplies last), including Pumpkin Smashing, Pumpkin Bowling, Pumpkin Putt-Putt, Pumpkin Darts, Pumpkin Chucking, and MORE!!

3pm - Watch a 1266-lb pumpkin get dropped onto an old car!

4pm - Candy Drop (kids 12 & under)

5pm - Watch a 1730-lb pumpkin come crashing to the ground--don't miss this gigantic splat!


Please note: All pumpkin festival activities take place up in the far end of the Barnyard.

Please note: The property is open 10am-10pm. Special festival activities will run from 12pm to 5:00 pm while pumpkin supplies last. Activities and menu are subject to change.