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Annual Pumpkin Madness Festival
November 1st noon - 5pm

pumpkin web Annual Pumpkin Madness Festival
-November 1st noon - 5pm

How many ways can you demolish a pumpkin? Well Cherry Crest is on a quest to find out. After Halloween is over, we’ll be taking our left over pumpkins and transforming the farm into a frenzy of pumpkin destruction. Throwing, launching, hurling, rolling, dropping & trampling are all part of the festivities of our third Annual Pumpkin Madness Festival. Bring your leftover pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns from home or use some of our leftover stash, while supplies last.

Reverse Pumpkin Darts

Instead of throwing darts at pumpkin, you'll be hurling your pumpkin towards a board filled with pointy darts! Will your pumpkin stick or fall to the ground in lots of little pieces? .

Pumpkin Chucking

pumpkin chuck web Pumpkin Chucking

Chuck your pumpkin as far as you can into an open field. We'll mark your spot and at the end of the day the competitor with the farthest throw will win a season pass!

The Great Pumpkin Drop

pumpkin drop web The Great Pumpkin Drop

Watch in awe as your pumpkin is hurled from the top of our giant boom lift and crashes onto our target below. The bigger the pumpkin - the better the splat!

WE will drop a large pumpkin at the end of the day @ 5 pm stay posted on how large it might be

Pumpkin Smashing

pumpkin smash web Pumpkin Smashing

Use our rubber mallets to smash a pumpkin!

pumpkin bowling web The Pumpkin Bowling

The Pumpkin Bowling

This bowling alley is just for the youngen's in the crowd (ages 10 & under). This game plays a lot like regular bowling - except competitors will send pumpkins rolling down the lane and crashing into the pins.

Special Food

In honor of our pumpkin demolition, we'll also have pumpkin foods for you to devour. Pumpkin Fudge, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Whoopee Pies & more are on the menu. YUM!

Please Note

Special festival activities will run from noon to 5:00 pm while pumpkin supplies last. Activities and menu are subject to change..