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The Barnyard

Come on over the railroad tracks and check out more fun things to do:

Relaxing Air Chairs

Air chair Relaxing Air Chairs

Take a break and relax in the shade!

Lil Cabin Builders

BY  Lil Cabin Builders_opt Lil Cabin Builders

Build your very own cabin with giant Lincoln Logs!

Barnyard Animal Grove

BY  Animal Grove_opt Barnyard Animal Grove

Come pet the donkey, sheep or goats in our Barnyard Animal Grove!

Barnyard Activity Tent

BY  Activities Tent_opt Barnyard Activity Tent

Fun activities include farm-themed shuffle board and giant checkers.

Giant Slinger

Slinger Giant Slinger

Use the giant sling shots to send tennis balls flying up the hill...Hit the targets and you could win a prize! Sling shots are also for sale in the Trading Post and General Store.

Straw Bale Racer

Straw bale racer where fun grows lancaster pa Straw Bale Racer

Hike up to the top of the hill, then come racing down the hill on a burlap sack. Who will reach the end first??

Hay Chute Slide

Hay Chute Slide

If racing isn't your thing, slide down our giant green tube slide!

Singing Chicken Show

Barnyard Singing Chicken Show Singing Chicken Show

Come cluck along with the Barnyard Bandies in this unique sing-a-long attraction. Join Reba Mc-Egg-Tire, Patsy Coop and the gang as they sing classics like "Old McDonald had a Farm," "Home on the Range," and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

Lil' Farmers Playland

BY  Swings Lil' Farmers Playland

A special area just for our smaller guests, the Lil' Farmers Playland offers a Grain Barn, Bouncing Balls, Tandem Swings, Water Splash Area and more!

Barnyard Jump

BY Jump Pillow Barnyard Jump

Our two huge pillows filled with air act just like trampolines. Have fun bouncing all day long! The Barnyard jump is for the big kids and adults, and the Barnyard Jump, Jr. is for the little guys.

Please Note: The height restriction for this attraction is state-mandated. Please check your height before jumping to ensure a safe, fun time for all!

Big Ball Corral

Big Ball Volley Ball lancaster pa Big Ball Corral

Play a giant game of volleyball in our Big Ball Corral!

Post Pounders

Barnyard Post Pounders Post Pounders

Try the classic game of strength done Cherry Crest style!

Corny's Barnyard Ball-cade

Soccer in lancaster pa Corny's Barnyard Ball-cade

Try your hand at sports with Barnyard Baseball, Farmer Fastball, Soccer Kick, Bushel Basketball and Field of Football! Can you score a goal or shoot some hoops?

Obstacle Course
Summer & Fall only

Obstacle Course Obstacle Course
-Summer & Fall only

Test your speed, skill and agility with the obstacles on our thrilling Obstacle Course.

Country Pig Races
Summer & Fall only

BY  Pig Races Country Pig Races
-Summer & Fall only

Join Tucker and Sam as they race pigs around the track! You might even get picked to be a pig leader, and if your pig wins then you get a prize! You'll find the Country Pig Races at the far end of the Barnyard on the hill.

Barnyard Blasters

BY  Barnyard Blasters Barnyard Blasters

Buy a bucket of apples and shoot them through our cannons at targets! Can you hit the bulls-eye??

Please Note: Additional Fee

Straw Bale Hoist

Try your hand at hoisting a straw bale using a pulley system and discover how pulleys can be helpful when lifting a heavy load! The Straw Bale Hoist for teens and adults sports a 400-pound bale with a 1:1 pulley system and a 6:1 pulley system. The junior version is a 50-pound bale with a 1:1 pulley system and a 6:1 pulley system. Educational information is nearby so you can learn how a pulley works!

Tug of War

Grab a team of friends and see who wins in this classic test of strength!

Plus Poly Pong, Tetherball, Corn Hole, Straw Bale Tower, a Solar Shed display... and MORE!