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Meet Our Staff: Alex Blowers

posted on April 18, 2014
alex blowers Meet Our Staff: Alex Blowers

Alex just finished his first season here at Cherry Crest, and is definitely ready to jump right in to this season’s theme! He’s excited about performing on the Discovery Barn Stage this year, so it’s no surprise to hear that he loves music. One of his favorite music artists is Luke Bryan because of the good message that his lyrics often have. That doesn’t stop him from like all sorts of music though… he loves how today’s music always has a great beat, even if the lyrics aren’t the best. Listening to music is an escape for Alex: “It helps me get away from the stress of life!”

We're on Instagram!

posted on March 28, 2014
Cherry Crest on Instagram We're on Instagram!

Guess what?? Cherry Crest is now on Instagram!! Follow us for a behind-the-scenes look at the farm as we start to gear up for the season! I've even posted a few pictures already.

If you visit us and take photos we encourage you to post them to instagram and #cherrycrestadventurefarm

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Meet our Staff: Natalie Newcamp

posted on March 28, 2014
natalie newcamp Meet our Staff: Natalie Newcamp

Natalie has been working at Cherry Crest since 2012, and most often works in the Barnyard, though this past year she starred as Blackbeard in the pirate show.

Natalie loves all kinds of music, and her favorite band varies, depending on what mood she’s in. In fact, that’s one of the things that she loves most about music! “There’s always a song to reflect whatever I’m feeling and can make me feel better when I’m down.

It’s also a way to connect with others.” She uses music to connect with her son, Joey: every night she sings “Amazing Grace” to help him fall asleep, making it one of her favorite songs. She’s played the clarinet for 12 years, and the bass clarinet and saxophone for 8 years. “Music is a major part of my life, I’d be so lost without it!”

Meet Our Staff: Vicki Worst

posted on March 29, 2014
vicki worst Meet Our Staff: Vicki Worst

Vicki has worked with us at Cherry Crest for over 5 years now, and we would be lost without her guidance in the maze! Vicki has almost always worked in the maze itself, whether that was as a guide, in the tower, or in the Corn Café.

Vicki think’s today’s pop music is just okay, but country is awesome! So it’s no surprise that her favorite band is Florida Georgia Line, because of “the way they put their music together.” She loves music because it’s fun to dance to. She did just that this past year while working out in the maze: The “unofficial” maze rule was that whenever Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ Safari” came on the speakers, all the maze employees had to stop what they were doing and dance! “They always say, dance like nobody is watching!”

Meet Our Staff: Logan Garber

posted on March 28, 2014
logan garber Meet Our Staff: Logan Garber

Logan is a four-year veteran of our maze, and always knows the ins and outs of the maze every year!

He loves the song “God’s Great Dance Floor,” because it “talks about us remembering and proclaiming that God is in us”—though he admits it’s also fun to dance to. He is a big fan of the acapella group Pentatonix, because they sing with no musical accompaniment but still sound amazing. Logan says that if he could be any musical instrument, he would probably be a drum, because he’s “always on the move and trying to stay on beat.” Perhaps that’s why he is drawn to the djembe, which he’s been playing for 8 years. It’s pronounced “JEM-bay,” and makes a pretty cool sound… check out Youtube for videos!

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