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How the Maze is Made

posted on June 9, 2015
corn maze corn agriculture cherry crest farm How the Maze is Made

You might have visited Lancaster’s favorite Amazing Maize Maze many times, but do you know how the corn maze is made each year? It’s a yearly process that we have worked hard to perfect. And while there’s always more to learn and new ideas to try, we have pretty much got it down to a science. Read on to find out how we make our corn maze each year!

There’s always time to Bounce Back to Cherry Crest!

posted on May 18, 2015
Baby Chick Standing On Logs Cherry Crest There’s always time to Bounce Back to Cherry Crest!

If you want to visit the farm as many times as possible this summer, you should be considering our Bounce Back Pass. It’s an opportunity for you and your family to come back as many times as you want until September 18th, 2015! That means more chances to cuddle the baby chicks, more ways to get lost in the maze, more opportunities to eat our delicious freshly roasted sweet corn, and more times to jump on our giant jump pillow.
Family fun for all!

Cherry Crest: “Then vs. Now”

posted on May 11, 2015
Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Where Fun Grows Cherry Crest: “Then vs. Now”

When Jack and Donna Coleman first opened Cherry Crest Farm in August 1996, they had no idea what they were getting into. It started as an idea, a way to make some extra money on the side. It grew into a full-fledged, seasonal agri-tourism business that is still thriving today. Things sure have changed though—as with any business venture, you learn as you go. The Coleman’s and the staff of Cherry Crest strive to continually make the farm and the business better. Over the years, we’ve seen ideas and activities come and go; some have been seen through to completion and other got stuck at the drawing board. It’s always interesting to see where we’ve been—and compare it to where we are now!

Unique Mazes

posted on April 23, 2015
Unique_Corn_Maze_Article Unique Mazes

While corn mazes like the one at Cherry Crest are very popular here in the US; farms and venues all over the world have used many different materials to build mazes. Of course, the possibilities are endless, limited only by your own creativity. Here are some of the world’s most fascinating mazes!

11 Things You Never Knew About Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

posted on April 10, 2015
old cherry crest farm maze 1996 11 Things You Never Knew About Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Cherry Crest Farm has been around for a very long time, and we have quite the history! Here are some quick facts that you might have not even guessed were true! Did you know that Cherry Crest Farm's famous Maize Maze has over 2.5 miles of pathways? I bet not! Check out the list to learn more about Cherry Crest Farm!

5 Fun Foods to Make This Easter

posted on March 30, 2015
birds nest candy cherry crest easter 5 Fun Foods to Make This Easter

Easter is a great holiday to spend time with your family, and a fantastic holiday to make fun snacks! Check out all of these fun foods that you can make this Easter to impress all of your friends and family! All of the recipes have links, and Easter is right around the corner... so get baking!

Draw Your Own Cretan Laybrinth

posted on March 18, 2015
geometry 625155_640 Draw Your Own Cretan Laybrinth

YOU can draw your own Cretan labyrinth! Just follow these 9 easy steps. I used graph paper to help make the lines nice and even, but you can draw the labyrinth anywhere!

Ten Fun Facts About Pigs

posted on March 6, 2015
Piglet Ten Fun Facts About Pigs

We’ve been doing some research about pigs! These fascinating creatures have delighted children for years, with their pink color and curly tails and high-pitched squeals. Read more about them here!

The History of Mazes - Part 3

posted on February 27, 2015
corn field 440338_640 The History of Mazes - Part

This is the final installment in a three-part series about the fascinating history of mazes! Check it out!!

The History of Mazes, Part 2

posted on February 18, 2015
GardenMaze The History of Mazes Part

This is the second article, in a three-part installment, about the history of mazes. Read on and learn more about this fascinating art form!

The History of Mazes, Part 1

posted on February 9, 2015
Pix The History of Mazes Part

So, Where did mazes come from? How did the people of ancient history decide to create a complex and confusing mass of pathways for the purpose of entertainment? What’s the difference between a maze and a labyrinth, anyway?

Five Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

posted on January 27, 2015
winter Five Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Don't let winter get you down! It may be dreary and depressing outside, but you can still feel warm and happy inside! Try one (or all) of these five ways to beat the winter blues.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in the Winter!

posted on January 20, 2015
SnowBranch Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in the Winter!

Enjoy a Snapshot of Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in the Winter! We may be closed, but we're still busy making Cherry Crest the best it can be! Enjoy some beautiful photos of the farm during the chilly months.

The History of Cherry Crest

posted on January 13, 2015
CornBoy The History of Cherry Crest

You love to visit us, but have you ever wondered about the history of Cherry Crest? Read this fascinating article about our wonderful farm and learn how we evolved to become the a-MAZE-ing attraction we are today!

2014 Pumpkin Madness Festival

posted on October 13, 2014
PumpkinPile 2014 Pumpkin Madness Festival

How many ways can you demolish a pumpkin? Well Cherry Crest is on a quest to find out. After Halloween is over, we’ll be taking our left over pumpkins and transforming the farm into a frenzy of pumpkin destruction. Throwing, launching, hurling, rolling, dropping & trampling are all part of the festivities of our third Annual Pumpkin Madness Festival. Bring your leftover pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns from home or use some of our leftover stash, while supplies last.

2014 Photo Contest

posted on October 1, 2014
camera 2014 Photo Contest

We see many of you snapping pictures while you’re here at the farm, so why not share them with us… and maybe win some free passes in the process!! We love to see our guests having fun, so every year we hold a Photo Contest and YOU can enter for the chance to win passes!

We choose winners in each category, as well as overall Grand Prize winners. While you don’t need to specify which category each photo is in, it can be helpful for you as you’re choosing which photos to enter. More...

Funnel Cakes, Flashlights, and Furry Friends--Oh My!

posted on September 23, 2014
Flashlight Maze (17)_opt Funnel Cakes Flashlights and Furry Friends--Oh My!

Now that our fall season is in full swing, join us in the evenings for our famous flashlight maze! It's the same maze that you go through all summer, but with an added challenge: we stay open until 10pm and you can go through the maze IN THE DARK! Don't forget your flashlight--you'll definitely want to have it! Our petting zoo is open so you can meet our furry friends, and our wagon ride runs all night. If you're hungry, try our yummy funnel cakes, hot chocolate, tasty cider donuts and more!

Our flashlight mazes are great for teens and youth groups. They run from 6:30pm-10pm on Friday and Saturday nights through November 8th. The cost is $12/person for anyone ages 3 & up. Or you can come earlier, pay our general admission, and stay all day!

Family Fun Day

posted on September 13, 2014
Veggies Family Fun Day

Join us on September 20th, for Family Fun Day!

Family Fun Day is an exciting day that we set aside to celebrate local ministries! Sponsored by WDAC, it’s sure to be a day full of wonderful events. Read more...

We're on Instagram!

posted on March 28, 2014
Cherry Crest on Instagram We're on Instagram!

Guess what?? Cherry Crest is now on Instagram!! Follow us for a behind-the-scenes look at the farm as we start to gear up for the season! I've even posted a few pictures already.

If you visit us and take photos we encourage you to post them to instagram and #cherrycrestadventurefarm.

Check out our instagram!