11 Things About Cherry Crest

11 Things You Never Knew About Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

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1. Cherry Crest currently employs 196 people. This includes almost 70 high school employees, numerous college students, and 11 year-round employees! As our business grows every year, we are always looking for more help, especially during the fall season. If you are interested in joining our team, click here to fill out an application!

2. Since 1996, we have had a total of 1,459,539 people through the front gate! That’s almost 1.5 million people, or enough to stretch from our farm to the furthest tip of Maine, if you laid them all end to end!

3. The corn maze holds 2.5 miles of pathways, twisting around to create a different picture every year. It covers an area of 5 acres, which is the equivalent of four-and-a-half football fields! It’s no wonder it feels like you’re trekking across the world when you’re exploring our life-size brain teaser! We fill the maze each year with additional activities and games, like the rope climb, the zip line, the slide, a reach-in box, our music wall (new in 2014), a cave, and more. And of course, there’s the challenge of finding all the mailboxes and kernels of knowledge to complete your gameboard. It’s so easy to get lost in the fun while you’re lost in the corn!

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4. Even with the 50+ activities we’ve added since 1996, the A-maze-ing Maize Maze continues to be the most popular activity with our guests. The Jumping Pillows are a close second, and the Hay Chute Slide/Straw Bale Racer come in third.

5. If you do the math, you’re only paying about 34 cents per attraction here on the farm… and that’s if you only do it one time! Our gated admission price gets you all day access to all the activities that we offer, so if you do them multiple times throughout the day, you’re paying mere pennies for each activity! And if you take advantage of our Summer Bounce Back pass, you only need to come twice a month to bring your admission down to $3.12 per visit, which comes to only 6 cents per attraction!

6. Last year some of our employees who work in the maze itself wore pedometers. They discovered that the maze team alone walked 3,487 miles in the maze field. That’s the equivalent to driving from Key West, FL to Seattle, WA. And not as the crow flies—we’re talking actual driving miles. It would take 51 hours if you drove straight through!

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7. We have sold 85,414 ears of roasted sweet corn since we began selling it in 2002. Different from cooking it on the stove, our roaster reaches temperatures of 550 degrees! The corn slowly travels on its path through the roaster to achieve the yummy goodness.

8. All of our buildings are stained with a special mix of TXP Waterproof stain…. We mix each bucket by hand and call it our special Cherry Crest blend! Using the same stain throughout the property gives our buildings a signature look that you won’t find anywhere else. The stain lasts five years, and the buildings are staggered so we only have to re-stain a small amount every year.

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9. Last year, we estimated that our tractor drivers collectively spoke almost 2.5 million words while giving tours! The average person speaks 1.5 million words in the same amount of days. On the really busy fall days, we keep two tractor drivers running almost constantly for several hours. Sometimes they hardly have the chance to stop and get a bite to eat!

10. We currently have over 70 employees who weren't even born yet when Cherry Crest first opened in 1996!

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11. Other than the owners, only five employees who worked here in 1996 are still employed by Cherry Crest—and three of them are family members. Jack and Donna Coleman’s daughters, Sherri and Shelly, still work here, as well as Sherri’s husband Brian Groff. The other two “veteran” employees are Barry Reichard and Lil Miller.

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