5 Tips To Not Get Too Lost In The Corn Maze

5 Tips to Not Get TOO Lost in the Corn Maze

Kids In Corn Maze

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare… wandering around an unfamiliar corn maze when you suddenly realize you have absolutely no idea where you are or how to get out—no other human beings in sight and the kids are grumpy. What to do?? Well, with our handy tips, you can plan ahead before you get started in our 5-acre corn maze, and therefore avoid such an unfortunate circumstance. Even if you’re not taking children into the maze, these tips may be helpful as you set out to tackle the world’s greatest free-standing mind-bender.

1. Take a flag.

flag 1. Take a flag.

All of our maze guests are invited to take a flag out into the maze. Many opt not to take one because they don’t want to carry it—but if you want a guaranteed way that our staff can find you within minutes, take a flag with you. Perhaps you can share flag-carrying duties among the able-bodied members of your group! We have two staff members who are situated up above the corn—one in a tower and one in a bridge—and their job is to keep an eye out for flags. If you need help getting out, just raise your flag high above the corn and wave it around. Our staff will call out to you on the loudspeaker and work with you (using yes and no questions) to determine your location and then send staff out to find you.

2. Use the railroad tracks to orient yourself to the gameboard.

When you enter the corn maze, you’ll be given a gameboard that you can use while you travel throughout the maze to build a map of the maze. The pieces of the map are in mailboxes scattered throughout the maze, and you will find them as you explore. When you enter the maze, you will be entering on the short side of the maze, on the right side of the gameboard, almost exactly in the center. The Strasburg Rail Road train tracks run along the top of the maze map (to your right as you are entering the maze). Keep this in mind while you travel, because you’ll be able to hear the train when it passes by and can use the direction that the sound is coming from in order to orient yourself.

3. Use the ribbon colors.

While they may seem unnecessary, the ribbon colors that you find around the cornstalks can actually be quite useful. They tell you what part of the maze picture you are in! Imagine you are flying high above the maze, like a bird—when you look down, you would see that the paths and the cornstalk “walls” make a picture. Each part of the picture features a different color ribbon along the walls, so you can know which part of the picture you’re in. These colors are always listed on your gameboard for quick reference.

4. Bring a compass.

Though not needed to complete the gameboard, many people enjoy using a compass to help navigate through the maze. This can be useful because you can determine which direction you need to try and travel in to get to parts of the maze you haven’t been to before. The top edge of the maze is to the northwest, and the bottom edge of the maze is to the south east. Knowing these directions, you can know navigate inside the maze with a compass!

5. Start on the outside and work your way to the inside.

Kids On Hay Bales 5. Start on the outside and work your way to the inside.

You will be entering the maze on the outer edge, on the right side of the gameboard. You exit out over the bridge that you see coming towards you as you’re entering. What this means is that Victory (the end of the maze) is merely a few yards away when you’re just starting out. In order to get there, try to make a big spiral in the field—start by traveling around the outside and then try to work your way into the middle of the maze. You really have to go to the center of the maze (just to the right of the center, as you look at your map) before you can get out by exiting over the bridge.

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