A Day In The Life Of A CCAF Employee

A Day in the Life of a CCAF Employee

Ever wonder what it may be like to work here at the farm? Read on for a unique, behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of the CCAF “Extra”!

The “Extra” is a unique position that is not assigned to any particular station. Instead, their primary function is to be an “extra” person on the property who can jump in wherever needed at any given time. It is their job to step into a station to help the scheduled employee get through a rush of guests, to help give lunch breaks, to run extra quarters to somebody who is out, and much more! This position requires much flexibility and an extensive working knowledge of the farm and most of its stations.

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Meet Lauren Esh (center)! She’s in her second season of being an Extra at Cherry Crest, so she has a lot of experience working all over the farm. On most days that she is scheduled as the Extra, she begins her day by helping to check in summer camp or school tour groups. Most camp groups come in the morning, between 10am and noon, so the Group Check-In crew waits patiently for the busses to arrive. They park them carefully in the parking lot, give a short orientation speech to the kids (outlining some basic rules and giving instructions to the counselors), and use wagons to cart their lunches into the tent.

After the camp or school groups are checked in, it’s time to start giving lunch breaks! The Extra is responsible to give most of the ticket and retail breaks, though sometimes there are a few others thrown in there as well. As you can imagine, this keeps Lauren quite busy through much of the afternoon! Because she jumps around from station to station, she is required to have an extensive knowledge of the register system and each station’s needs. She must be familiar with the merchandise in various areas, like the Sweet Shop, the General Store, the Trading Post, and more. She also needs to be proficient with the types of tickets that we offer at the farm and our Guest Services policies and procedures.

She gets quite the view from each station that she works while giving breaks! Many of our Extras have commented that they like the variety that this position entails—being in a different stations throughout the day has its perks!

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After the lunch breaks have been given, the Extra may be given miscellaneous jobs that vary from day to day. The possibilities are endless! Some days she gets to pick up Corny, our loveable mascot and deliver him back into the air-conditioned break room. Other days she may go to the office to help scan and file paperwork or laminate signs. Other tasks can include stocking, pricing merchandise, filling feed cups and more!

By the end of the day, the Extra has collected the bin boxes and other supplies from various stations across the property. She will help her supervisor close out the stations and prepare for opening the next day. It takes some time to get through each station, so she may be one of the last employees to leave at the end of the day. But soon everything has been closed out and finished, and it’s finally time to go home!

The Extra will hang up her keys, turn off and plug in her radio, and clock out in the employee break room. Just another day in the life of a Cherry Crest employee!

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