Cherry Crest A to Z

Cherry Crest A-Z

A-maze-ing Maize Maze

Where would we be without our most popular attraction?! While it’s true that many people enjoy Cherry Crest without doing the corn maze, we can’t deny that we wouldn’t be here without it! When Jack and Donna Coleman opened Cherry Crest for the first time in 1996, there wasn’t much here except the A-maze-ing Maize Maze. We’ve grown a lot since then, but it seems fitting that our reason for existing is at the top of this list!

Baby Chicks

Probably one of the next big attraction after the corn maze… everybody loves to hold our sweet baby chicks! Sometimes they are so cuddly that they fall asleep right in your hands. There aren’t many places where you can see a tiny animal start its life right before your very eyes—if you’re lucky, you might get to see a chick hatch during your visit!



Our loveable mascot Corny was introduced to the world in 2010 during our 15th season, and he’s been delighting guests ever since then! And you guessed it—he’s a giant ear of corn! Don’t stand too closely to him while you eat your roasted sweet corn, you might be eating his cousin! :(

Discovery Barn

Our Discovery Barn is chock full of exciting, educational opportunities for you and your kids to explore! Here’s where you can hold a baby chick and see how a modern milking machine works. Check out our educational displays about chickens and egg production, how milk is processed, what farmers can contribute to our community, the difference between straw and hay, and antique farm equipment. Outside the Discovery Barn, you’ll find our petting zoo area, the Corn Crib, the Bee Barn, an interactive milking cow, and so much more!

Enthusiastic Employees

We are most proud of our fabulous employees, who are always working at the top of their game to make sure you and your family have a great time. We appreciate all their hard work and energy!

1 employees


It wouldn’t be a trip to Cherry Crest without leaving with some of our famous fudge! Try one of our specialty flavors like “Dark Salty Knight” and “Muddy Pumpkin Patch,” or take home a classic like “Peanut Butter” and “Chocolate.” We’ve got something for just about everyone, so stop by the School House Sweet Shop to taste some today!

Giant Slinger

Use our giant launchers to shoot tennis balls at targets way up on the hill! You may even get a prize if you can hit one!

1 slinger

Hay Chute Slide

Even though it’s quite the trek up to the top of the hill, most guests find the ride down to be very worth the climb! You can ride down our Hay Chute (tunnel) Slide by yourself or race down the Straw Bale Racer with some friends.


Cherry Crest is on Instagram! Follow us @cherrycrestadventurefarm for a fun, behind-the-scenes look at “life on the farm” that you won’t find anywhere else! While you’re visiting us, tag your photos with #wherefungrows for random chances to win.

Jumping Pillows

Another favorite of many… our giant jumping pillows! It’s like a giant trampoline-like pillow installed in the ground. You’ll find yourself flying through the air as you jump your blues away. Kids AND adults can enjoy themselves, since we have two pillows regulated by height—one for the little guys, and one for the big kids!

1 pillow

Kettle Corn

Make sure you get some of our delicious, homemade kettle corn while you’re here. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and salty!

Lil Cabin Builders

Parents and older teens might like this one just as much as the little guys, simply for nostalgia’s sake! Build your own log cabin with our Lil Cabin Builders, which is basically a giant set of classic Lincoln Logs.

Mining For Gems

You may have noticed the sluice up at our Trading Post—you can mine for gems just like the prospectors did during the gold rush! We have several different bags to choose from, each with a unique set of gems and treasures for you to find. (Additional Cost)

1 gems

Nursing Mother's Station

Many moms don’t know about the small building tucked right next to our Courtyard restroom—the Baby Changing and Nursing Mother’s Station! This is a small, air-conditioned building that provides an “out of the way” place for mothers who prefer to nurse or change their baby’s diaper privately. There are two sides and two entrances to the building (one for “Baby Changing” and one for “Nursing Mothers”), but they are only separated by a curtain, making for easy access from one to the other.

Obstacle Course

How fast can you race around our Obstacle Course? You’ll have to skip through tires, climb over and under hay bales, and climb a wall—see who can win!

Pedal Carts

Nothing like a pedal cart race to inspire some friendly competition between dad and the kids! You won’t find any motors here—these carts are powered completely by your feet! We have bigger carts for the taller kids, teens and adults, as well as smaller carts for the little guys.

1 pedal

Quick Exit

This handy feature will help you make your way out of the maze in a timely fashion. It’s great for parents with small kids, families who just don’t want to be in a cornfield anymore, and guests trying to catch the train, a show, or the last wagon ride. You can inquire about the Quick Exit at the Corn Café!

Races…Pigs, Ducks, and more!

Here at the farm, you’ll find plenty of places to watch and partake in races! You can send duckies racing down the track by pumping the water as fast as you can, watch one of our daily Country Pig Races, race around the pedal cart track, or see who can make it out of the corn maze the fastest. The skies the limit!

1 races

Sand Box

You’ll find a sand box in the Lil Farmer’s Playland for the budding excavator in your family! Little kids will love to play in the sand while Mom and Dad rest in the gazebo or one of our lawn chairs.

Tasty Treats

All across the property, you’ll find various food stands with tasty treats for you to try! Our Home Cookin’ Café offers hamburgers, hotdogs, fresh wraps, French fries, freshly-roasted sweet corn, corn dogs, and more. Up in the Barnyard, you’ll find unique items like chicken-on-a-stick and pork nachos at the Chuck Wagon. Homemade kettle corn and freshly-squeezed lemonade can be found all season long in the Barnyard AND the Courtyard. In the fall time, we have favorite fairway treats like funnel cakes, apple cider donuts, and caramel apple sundaes. And the deliciousness doesn’t stop there… check out our School House Sweet Shop for everything your sweet tooth could ever dream of! You’ll find bulk candy, locally-made chocolates, and of course our homemade fudge.


You’ll find lots of opportunities to go under various bridges and other structures while you’re on the farm! You’ll likely walk under either or both of the bridges at some point in your maze journey (and of course you’ll come over the Victory Bridge on your way out). You can walk under Goat Mountain in the Petting Zoo area and watch them clamber up to get the goat food. The little guys can crawl under pieces of playground equipment. And if you give the Obstacle Course in the Barnyard a try, you’ll have to climb under and over bales of straw!

Vintage Tractor

Our Free Photo Souvenir gives you the chance to climb up on an old 1940s Farmall H! Budding farmers will love to sit in the same kind of seat that Grandpa used to plow the fields, and Mom and Dad find it to be the perfect photo opportunity. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe for them to move the steering wheel and press the pedals—it’s anchored well into the ground. Let the little guys get their chance to drive!

1 tractor

Wagon Rides

We offer two wagon rides here at Cherry Crest. One is our Lil Wagon Express, where you sit with one or two people per wagon for a short trip through the corn—best for the little guys, but Mom and Dad often enjoy it too! The other is our Farm Tour Wagon Ride, which starts in the Courtyard and ends in the Barnyard (by the Pig Races). This 20-minute tour of the property takes you down through the meadow and back by the barns, shop, office, and house. You’ll learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of our farm and our maze!


Believe it or not, this is not a cop-out… ever since the 2014 “Music Through the Decades” maze theme, we’ve installed a sound wall activity in the maze. One of the instruments you can play on it is a wooden xylophone. It even has distinctive musical tones!

Yak’s Butter

Okay, okay…. I am stretching this one a little bit. We don’t actually have any butter-producing yaks on this farm, BUT you can make your own butter, and that’s way cooler! We hold butter-making demonstrations on our Discovery Barn Stage every single day that we’re open, and usually more than once. Times vary, so you can check out the daily schedule of events when you get to the farm!


You’ll find a free-standing zip-line hiding somewhere in the corn maze! Grab ahold of the rope and then swing on down to the end. Younger kids might need help reaching the rope, but it’s close enough to the ground that they’ll be reaching it on their own in no time! Parental supervision recommended.

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