Games To Play In The Maze

Games To Play In The Corn Maze

posted on October 20, 2016

Maybe you’re looking for a way to change things up a bit now that you’re back in the maze for your fifth Bounce Back visit, or maybe you’re looking for an unconventional way to experience the corn. Regardless, here’s some fun games you and your family can play in the A-maze-ing Maize Maze!

I Spy Games

These games involve searching while you’re in the corn maze. In theory, you could add the element of time to any of these challenges to make it more of a race.

The Photo-Op Challenge
Level: Easy

games to play 4 The Photo-Op Challenge
-Level: Easy

Each year, we put 3-5 different photo op challenges throughout the maze, each one pertaining to the current theme in some way. Of course, they’re just for fun, but you never know where they might be hidden—and our Maze Designers love to hide things in dead ends! If you’re looking for a different challenge in the corn maze, see if you can find all of the photo ops we’ve placed. This year (2016), there are three, plus the Victory photo op.

The Implement Challenge
Level: Intermediate

games to play 3 The Implement Challenge
-Level: Intermediate

The wooden activity structures that we put into the maze each year are called “implements,” and the same ones are placed each year. The question is… where are they? This one is a bit more difficult because of the number of implements. This year (2016), there are nine. They include: Slide, Zip Line, Rope Climb, Chute Crawl, River Walk (a tight-rope walk), Hay Bale Climb, Tic-Tac-Toe, Sound Wall, and Reach-in Box.

Scavenger Hunt
Level: Intermediate

Here’s a printable list of items and people to look for while you’re in the corn maze, turning your journey into a scavenger hunt! You could play in teams or assign points randomly if you want to up the ante a bit.

Timed Games

These games add the element of time to the challenge, making it a bit of a race. These work best if you split into teams, though you can always try and beat your time from a previous visit. And of course, putting a wager of ice cream on it makes the challenge even more fun! Don’t forget—you still have to walk in the maze, no running allowed!

In-and-Out Challenge
Level: Intermediate

This challenge requires you to find your way in and out of the maze as quickly as you can, without necessarily finding all the pieces or kernels. Don’t use the Quick Exit or cross under any ropes as you attempt this challenge—and as always, cutting through the corn is unacceptable!

Ultimate Challenge
Level: Difficult

games to play 2 Ultimate Challenge
-Level: Difficult

Of course, this is our classic A-maze-ing Maize Maze game: find all 15 map pieces and all 15 Kernels of Knowledge in as little time as possible! This one tests your sense of direction, and also your puzzle-solving skills as you take on the world’s largest free-standing mind-bender! There’s lots of help along the way if you get stuck, though some teams choose to count this as cheating. Make sure you establish the “house rules” among your group before you start, in addition to reviewing our guidelines!

Puzzle Games

These challenges require you to treat the maze as a giant puzzle, but with a different objective than usual. Be aware that they might have you crossing back and forth across the maze numerous times, so if you’re looking for the fastest way out, you might not want to attempt these!

The Alphabetical Challenge
Level: Intermediate

games to play 1 The Alphabetical Challenge
-Level: Intermediate

For this game, see if you can find all 15 mailboxes in alphabetical order before finding your way out. This challenge likely works best after you’ve done the maze once, so you can try and plan the best possible route. Some years we give item or place names to each mailbox, but this year we just refer to them by number. Here is the list alphabetically: Eight, Eleven, Fifteen, Five, Four, Fourteen, Nine, One, Seven, Six, Ten, Thirteen, Three, Twelve, Two. Alternatively, you could also try to find the mailboxes in reverse alphabetical order.

The Numbers Challenge
Level: Intermediate

Similar to the Alphabet Challenge, try to find the 15 mailboxes in numerical order before finding your way out. Again, this works best after you’ve done the maze once, so you can navigate the best route. You could also try and find the mailboxes in reverse numerical order.

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