Meet The CCAF Staff Hannah Martin Tyler Reger And Sara Fiscus

Meet the Staff: Hannah Martin, Tyler Reger and Sara Fiscus

You’ve visited the farm and enjoyed the activities, now go behind-the-scenes and get to know some of our employees! We employ a wide variety of employees from all walks of life. Today, meet some of our college kids, who are juggling their education and a part-time job!

CCAF: How long have you been working at Cherry Crest, and what jobs have you worked here?

Hannah: I’ve been working at Cherry Crest for four years, and have worked quite a few jobs. I started as a food cashier, worked at the Sweet Shop, Maizie’s Dairy Barn, the General Store, the Trading Post, Pizza & Pop, the Lemonade Stand, the Ticket Booths, Group Check-In and as an extra, as well as preseason work.

Tyler Reger Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Tyler: I started working at Cherry Crest the summer before my junior year of high school. Little did I know it would be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! The first job I ever worked was at the top of the Hay Chute Slide. I also worked many of the positions in the Barnyard. Everything from cashier to custodian, I did it all. However, I would say the best position I’ve worked in has to be a maze guide. [And this year] I came back after my freshman year to do something I never had before: pre-season work. This is the time where all the behind-the-scenes magic happens at Cherry Crest. Although it was one of the most challenging positions I’ve worked in, it definitely allowed me to better appreciate all of the hard work and pride that goes into Cherry Crest.

Sara: I have been working at Cherry Crest since August of 2012, so about 3-4 years. I have done jobs such as a food service cashier, working in the Sweet Shop, General Store, Maizie’s, the funnel cake wagon, Rail Road photographer, Pizza & Pop, and the Trading Post.

CCAF: You decided to pursue an education after high school graduation and go on to college. Tell us about where you’re going and what you’re studying.

Hannah: I am a rising sophomore at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. I am a Social Work major and a History minor.

Tyler: Following high school, I started attending the University of Pittsburgh to study finance, accounting, and business information systems. I also plan on getting a minor in economics during my time at Pitt. One day, I hope to work at one of the Big Four accounting firms in Philadelphia or Washington, D.C.

Sara: I am going to Cairn University in Langhorne, PA. I am studying Social Work and the Bible.

CCAF: Why did you decide to continue working at Cherry Crest, even in the midst of your college career?

Hannah Martin Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Hannah: I decided to keep working at Cherry Crest even while in college because it is a hard place to let go! After a few years of working at CCAF you get to know the people, get to know the farm and start to get comfortable. Cherry Crest is great with college schedules, knowing that we can’t work much in the fall they still ask us to continually be part of their team!

Tyler: One of the biggest reasons I came back to Cherry Crest [during the summers when I’m home] was due to the flexibility of management. They knew how important it was to me to go to various professional development events over the course of the summer so that I could better prepare myself for a full-time career after college. Further, Cherry crest is like a family to me. Many of our employees share special bonds with one another, something that I had invested so much time in during my high school years at Cherry Crest.

Sara: I decided to continue working at Cherry Crest because I am always welcomed back. Even if things change within college, family, or responsibilities, Cherry Crest remains the same as a positive place to work. Also, I still have connections since my mom and some close friends work there.

CCAF: How do you think your job at Cherry Crest has prepared you for life in college, and after that, in the real world?

Hannah: Cherry Crest is great at teaching maturity and responsibility. CCAF begins to teach [high school students] how to interact with customers, how to handle difficult situations and how to be responsible. At Cherry Crest you come in contact with many customers with many different personalities just as you do in the real world, and you get practice treating people with patience and respect. No matter where you are stationed on the farm, you have specific jobs you have to do or things you have to watch for. While managers may check on you, it is up to you to get these things done. In both college and in the future jobs we will hold, there will be specific things you have to get done and like CCAF, there will not be people breathing down your neck. Bosses and Teachers may check in but it’s up to you to make sure these things are done. Cherry Crest’s staff are great teachers who prepare their employees for the future.

Tyler: In every job interview that I’m in today, I always make mention of Cherry Crest and all of the extraordinary experiences I’ve had with them. It’s prepared me to lead like no other job would have, think on my feet when complicated issues arise, and appreciate all of the hard work and dedication people put forth to making others happy. Although I may not have learned much about Cherry Crest’s financing policies, it’s the life experiences that have benefitted me the most, preparing me to face new challenges and stages of life with confidence!

Sara Fiscus Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Sara: My job at Cherry Crest has definitely prepared me for college and the real world by giving me experience in working with people. Many different people walk through Cherry Crest and it gives me an opportunity to serve someone outside of my own sphere of influence. Learning to serve people and work with other employees prepared me for having the Resident Assistant job at Cairn as well as practicing bits and pieces of social work. There will always be conflicts with people and relationships, but through my years at Cherry Crest I have learned how to work hard for and with people.

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