Seven Interesting Facts About Ducks

7 Fun Facts About Ducks

We’ve had a variety of duck species in our petting zoo over the years, including Peking ducks, Call ducks, Mallard ducks, and more. Here are some interesting facts about ducks that you might not have known!

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1. Ducks are part of the animal family Anatidae.This also includes swans and geese. A male duck is called a drake, while a female duck is called a duck or a hen. Baby ducks are called ducklings.

2. The word “duck” comes from the Old English word duce. It means “diver.”

3. Ducks are omnivores, and they eat a variety of foods including grasses and aquatic plants, insects, worms, small amphibians, and fish. They will feed from land or from the water, and will look for food as deep as they can go while still floating on top of the water.

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4. They say that rain is “great weather for ducks." But, do ducks really like rain that much? Scientists say that in the long run, they do. The rain helps to replenish their habitats. During a dry spell, ponds can warn up and become a breeding ground for disease. Rain puddles are also a feasting ground of worms and other tasty insects. However, ducks don’t really like drenching rain, and it can be dangerous for little ducklings to get too cold and soaked.

5. Contrary to popular belief, only a few species of ducks make the traditional “quack” sound. Most make a variety of sounds including coos, yodels, whistles, and grunts.

6. The term “sitting duck” has come to mean an easy target. This is because an idle duck sitting on the water cannot easily become airborne to fly away in the face of danger.

7. There are many ducks in popular entertainment, literature, movies, and tv shows. Some well-known characters include Daffy Duck from LooneyTunes, Disney’s Donald Duck and Daisy Duck, Ferdinand from Babe, the Aflac Duck from Aflac Insurance commercials, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their babies from Make Way for the Ducklings, Ernie’s rubber ducky from Seseme Street and Ping from The Story about Ping.

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