Ten Fun Facts About Your Favorite Board Games

10 Fun Facts about your Favorite Board Games

In honor of our 2018 maze theme, we’ve rounded up some little-known trivia about your favorite board games! Did you know any of these fun facts?

1. The most expensive Monopoly board game ever made was valued at two MILLION dollars! It was created by a jeweler named Sydney Mobell after he heard about a Monopoly tournament in 1988. The 23-carat gold board weighed over 30 pounds and contained 165 jewels encrusted in the board, including diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. The dice alone contain 42 diamonds (one for each dot on the dice) and are valued at $10,000.

2. In the original version of Clue, the character of Mr. Green was supposed to be a reverend. Parker Brothers decided that having a reverend be a murder suspect was too controversial, so they made him a businessman instead.


3. The die used in Scattergories is in the shape of an “icosahedron.” It's formed of 20 equilateral triangles and has 30 edges. The missing letters are Q, U, V, X, Y, and Z.

4. Many board game characters actually have names! The patient in Operation is called “Cavity Sam.” In Monopoly, the police officer’s name is “Edgar Mallory,” while the prisoner is called “Jake the Jailbird.” The game Hungry, Hungry Hippo features four hippos whose names are Happy Hippo, Henry Hippo, Homer Hippo and Harry Hippo.

5. Though he started the company that revolutionized the board game industry, the real Milton Bradley only created one board game, called The Checkered Game of Life (known today as The Game of Life). Bradley eventually turned to other products, inventing the one-armed paper cutter and standardized crayon boxes, and patenting the lawn game croquet.


6. The highest score you can achieve in Yahtzee is 1535. To do so, you would have to roll a Yahtzee on every single turn, and more than half of them would have to be all 6s!

7. In case regular Jenga is not challenging or stressful enough for you, there is a version called Jenga Extreme that uses parallelograms instead of the regular shaped blocks.

8. The amount of paper money in each original Monopoly game totaled $15,140. Now the total is $20,580—it was adjusted in 2008 to account for inflation.

9. The electronic version of Catch Phrase includes 10,000 words which are divided into categories: Tech/Inventions, History Buff, Entertainment, Sports/Games, Geography, Transportation, Around the House, Food/Drink, Plants/Animals, Family (a subset of kid-appropriate words with no adult themes), and Everything (includes all 10,000 words)

10. Settlers of Catan was an immensely popular game when it was first released. It sold out so fast that its creator, Klaus Teuber, didn’t even have the chance to get a first edition copy of the game.

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