Tips For Tackling The Maze With Kids

Tips for Tackling the Maze—with Kids!

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While we get many adults, young couples and teenaged youth groups who travel through the maze, an overwhelming percentage of our guests are families with young kids! For many parents, the thought of tackling a 5-acre corn maze (with 2.5 miles of paths) seems difficult enough, let alone when you throw kids into the mix. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to make the maze a family-friendly attraction—and one that can be enjoyed by everyone, even parents with young kids. That’s part of the reason why we invented the Challenge Chooser, which allows families to just get a taste of the maze, if they don’t want to try and solve the entire puzzle. Here are some tips for parents to keep in mind if you choose to take on the maze with your kids.

1. Come dressed appropriately.

While your daughter may love her plastic princess heels, they’re not really a good idea for going through the maze, so wear sturdy sneakers that can get dirty. Shorts and a t-shirt are great for the summer season (as opposed to a dress or long pants), while a sweatshirt, gloves and hat are recommended for the fall or flashlight mazes.

2. Bring water bottles (or buy them before you go into the maze).

Two Little Children Walking Through The Corn Mazes 2. Bring water bottles (or buy them before you go into the maze).

It can get hot out there, even if you’re only out for 20-30 minutes! It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water, so you can keep the kiddos (and yourself) hydrated. We do have water stations in the maze where you can stop to take a drink and refill your water bottle, but don’t only rely on that—it’s a maze, after all, so you might not be able to find one when you’re really thirsty!

3. Put sunscreen on before you arrive at the farm.

Sunscreen takes a good 10-15 minutes to soak into your skin and start doing its job, so it’s a good idea to lather it on before you get there. And don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need it since it’s not the beach—the sun’s rays shine everywhere, not just on the coast. Our property is primarily outside, and even though there are shady trees and tents to eat under, you’ll spend a lot of time having fun in the sun!

4. Don’t let the size of the maze scare you—consider the different levels of the Challenge Chooser!

It’s designed to cater to your family’s needs, whatever they may be. Kids begging to go into the maze, even though you know they’ll want to be done after taking 30 steps? The easiest level only takes about 20 minutes, and you still get to experience some of the activities of the maze. Want a little more of a challenge for the elementary school-aged kids? Follow the intermediate challenge clues and do a little more problem-solving. Change your mind partway through? Our staff is always on hand to help you out or get you started on a different level. And for those of you who are diehard fans, don’t worry: the first two levels of the Challenge Chooser don’t affect your journey or make it any easier.

5. Rent a wagon for the little guys, or bring your own!

Rent A Wagon For The Little Children.JPG 5. Rent a wagon for the little guys or bring your own!

The paths are wide enough to accommodate wagons, strollers and wheelchairs. The field does have a slight incline, but the paths are generally easy to navigate. Wagons can be rented for $2/hour at our Guest Services Booth or at the Corn Café (in case you get partway out into the maze and realize you don’t want to carry the baby anymore). Many parents who want to do the Ultimate Challenge of the maze find that a wagon is the perfect solution: it keeps the little ones from getting worn out (though dad might get tired from pulling it), and they don’t have to keep up with big legs!

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