Top 10 Cherry Crest Activities

Top 10 Cherry Crest Activities—What NOT to Miss!

Sometimes we get asked what the “best” activities are, and while we think they’re all pretty great, there are some that seem to stand out among our guests. If you want to make sure you get the full Cherry Crest experience, make sure you don’t miss these top ten activities!


10. Tractor Pull – There’s nothing like a classic test of your strength to make the whole family engage in a healthy competition! We have two tractors for you to try and pull—a 1980 International Cub Cadet 682 or a classic 1950 Farmall Super C which weighs in at over 4000 pounds! Who’s the strongest member in your group??


9. Corny’s Ball-Cade – This activity is a big hit with the teenagers, as they have the chance to let their inner-athlete loose. Throw a football, shoot hoops, kick a soccer ball, or pitch a baseball! There’s even a speed pitch so you can see how your pitch measures up. Be careful and keep your head up in this area—there are lots of balls flying!


8. Sproutsville – While this attraction is new this year, it’s been very popular. Kids can run around and explore their very own little “town,” complete with a post office, veterinary hospital, schoolhouse, ice cream shop, car garage, and more! There are hands-on experiences inside each building that are sure to keep your kiddos entertained for hours. And don’t worry mom and dad—there’s room for you to stand up inside, though you might have to duck to get in the door.


7. Hay Chute Slide & Straw Bale Racer – This is the perfect opportunity to feel the wind in your hair! Hike up to the top of the hill, then sail down one of our GIANT slides on a burlap sack. Choose our classic tube slide or grab two friends and race down our open air 3-lane slide!


6. Country Pig Races – This is one showdown that you WON’T want to miss! Tucker and Sam put on quite the show, plus they need YOUR help to cheer on the pigs. You never know who might get picked to be a pig leader and win a prize!


5. Farm Tour Wagon Rides – This 25-minute tour of our property will give you a little glimpse into the world of farming, particularly the world of Cherry Crest! This wagon ride will take you “behind-the-scenes” where you’ll learn lots of interesting facts about the history of our farm and the maze, how the maze is made, our crop farming and poultry business, and much more. This is especially great for guests who enjoy history and agriculture, but can be enjoyed by everyone. Daily wagon tour times are posted at Guest Services, near the entrance to the farm.


4. Pedal Carts – You won’t find any motors here, these carts are PEOPLE-powered! Pedal as hard as you can to make yours go, and see who’s the fastest. Down in the Courtyard, we have single-rider pedal carts—regular-sized carts for the big kids and adults, and a smaller version for the little guys. Up in the Barnyard, you’ll find our family-style Country Road Carts, which seat four people!


3. Discovery Barn & Animal Center – There is so much to see and do in our animal center, you could probably spend all day! Observe honey bees at work in our Bee Barn, pretend to milk a cow, and feed and pet our goats, sheep, pigs and more! Inside the Discovery Barn, you’ll find interactive displays about farm-to-table practices, milk production, farming equipment and machinery, and more. PLUS, hold our sweet baby chicks—and if you get lucky, you just might see one hatching!


2. Jump Pillow – This GIANT trampoline-like pillow is sure to delight the whole family! We have a smaller pillow for the little guys (under 52”) and a bigger pillow for older kids, teens and adults. In between the two pillows are shaded picnic tables, perfect for parents to sit, relax and observe their kids while they jump.


1. The Amazing Maize Maze – This is, after all, the reason why Cherry Crest is here! Thanks to our Challenge Chooser, you can really spend as much (or as little) time in the maze as you want. If you don’t have much time or have small children, you may want to follow the Easy Challenge, which leads you from the beginning to the end of the maze in about 20 minutes. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a good puzzle, you may want to try the Ultimate Challenge and spend more like 1-2 hours in the maze. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the world’s largest free-standing mind-bender!

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