Top Ten Things You Should Not Go Into The Corn Maze Without

Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Go into the Corn Maze Without

So you’ve made the decision to tackle our 5-acre corn maze… now what?? Drawing on our own experiences and the advice of our Facebook fans, we’ve compiled a list of things you should make sure you take into the corn maze, especially if you have kids.


water Water

If you take nothing else with you into the maze, make sure you take plenty of water! It gets hot out there, especially in the summer time. Because the corn is so tall, the breeze skips right over, so it can feel even hotter down in the corn. We do have several water stations located in the maze for you to fill a water bottle (cups provided if you don’t have one), but you never know how long it might be until you stumble across it! Carrying water bottles will help keep your family hydrated and safe.


Keep in mind, our maze is carved into a real, working corn field, so there aren’t any trees in the maze! A few of the activities provide some shade, and there are umbrellas over the tables at the Corn Café, but most of your journey will be uncovered. While sunscreen isn’t as necessary during the fall months, it’s probably still a good idea, since you might be out in the sun for several hours. Make sure you put some on before you arrive at Cherry Crest, as well as reapply several times throughout the day.

Back Pack or Tote

backpack Back Pack or Tote

Facebook fan Holly Lott suggests a backpack or tote bag of some sort, to carry with you on your journey through the maze. This is especially important if you have younger kids who won’t want to carry a water bottle! Of course, it also comes in handy for snacks, sunscreen, a camera, or whatever else you might want along the way. Make sure you bring something with straps so it’s easy to sling on your back (as opposed to a purse or handbag). If you only have a few small items, a fanny pack might be a better option.


Of course, where would your group be without some snacks?! Many of our Facebook fans responded that they make sure to take snacks into the maze for their kids. Krisit Miller and Andrea Michener suggested fruit snacks or snack packs (like crackers or cookies), while Jennifer Mencer thought she might be so tempted by the corn stalks that she’d want popcorn! Whatever your snack of choice may be, it might a worthwhile addition to your backpack, especially if you’ll be in the maze close to the lunch hour.


camera Camera

You wouldn’t want to miss out on any precious memories! Besides, this isn’t just a corn maze, there are a lot of activities for you and your family along the way. You might even stumble across one of our one-of-a-kind photo ops, painted right here at Cherry Crest to match this year’s maze theme! Your phone will work just as well as a digital camera, so many of our fans recommend keeping it handy.

Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

Facebook fan Kelly Hughes recommends tucking wet wipes or hand sanitizer in your backpack, just for the little guys! Even if you choose not to eat anything while you’re in the maze, it IS a corn field, so there’s lots of dirt to play in. Little ones can’t resist scooping it up or picking up rocks while they travel. We do have a sink at the porta-potty that’s in the maze, but as always, you can never know when you might stumble upon it. Better to be prepared in case their hands get too dirty!

Sneakers/Sturdy Shoes

sneakers Sneakers/Sturdy Shoes

Regardless of how old you are or how long you plan to spend at the farm, make sure you wear sneakers or other sturdy shoes! Because the maze is carved into a corn field, some of the paths may be a bit bumpy or uneven (even though we do our best to pack them down). You’ll also be walking a distance (even on the Easy Challenge), so practical footwear will go a long way in making your journey more comfortable. Flip-flops and sandals might seem like a good choice for the summer weather, but keep in mind that your feet will get very dirty!

Beach Towel

Facebook fan Bobbie Goldman says she often takes a beach towel into the maze. She says it’s “good for shade, wiping messy hands, and to sit on when you need a rest.” Sounds like an all-in-one awesome idea for the maze!

Stroller or Wagon

wagon Stroller or Wagon

Of course, many of our Facebook fans recommended bringing a stroller or wagon if you have small children that you want to bring into the corn maze. All of the paths can be traversed by wheels, though the ride might get a bit bumpy at times. There are two bridges in the maze, but neither are absolutely essential for completing the maze, and you can always go under if necessary. Don’t want the hassle of transporting a stroller to the farm? You can rent a wagon at our Guest Services booth OR the Corn Café (in the maze) for a mere $2/hour.

Mini First Aid Kit

Facebook fan Maureen Malloy Bellafante recommends bringing a mini first aid kit to tuck in your back pack. She carries a “small Ziploc with a few band aids, antibiotic ointment, some pain killers, and Benadryl, to help you keep moving if someone takes a tumble or has allergies acting up.” This is a great idea if you like to come prepared for anything! Our Corn Café (and multiple other locations on the property) is equipped with a well-stocked first aid kit, but again this is contingent on being able to find your way there. If you have an emergency in the corn field, wave your flag wildly above the corn, ask another group to wave their flag for you, or start to yell for help—our employees are always walking around to assist as needed, and carry two-way radios to call for a supervisor if the situation calls for more help.

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