Our mission

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm will strive to be good stewards of the gifts God has entrusted to us by offering wholesome family agri-tainment, providing exceptional service, cultivating learning and agriculture awareness and creating memories for our employees and our guests that will last a lifetime.



Our vision

Firmly planted in a rich agricultural heritage, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is committed to cultivating growth that reaps a harvest of award winning levels of excellence. We can do this through the use of innovative business models that value people, develop our brand, foster creativity, encourage loyalty and serve our guests in a way that far exceeds their expectations.



Our core values

The following values we believe are aligned with God’s Word and reflect our desire to always have our choices and actions always honor God. These values will be the foundation on which Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is built. These principles are non-negotiable, define our company culture and will be the filter through which decisions are made. We are committed to holding each other accountable to ensure that our choices and actions reflect these values.




  • Success is only important if achieved with complete Biblical integrity.

  • We will expect our staff is to act with complete uprightness according to God’s Word. We will treat all staff and guests with equal respect, speak and act with kindness, humility, sincerity and act with honor in every situation.

Biblical Stewardship

  • God has temporarily entrusted us with many resources.

  • We will care for the land, value our staff, honor our guests, share in our community and manage our finances.


  • Exceptional service is an essential component of our success.

  • We will follow the biblical example of going the “second mile” to humbly serve our guests. We will serve others joyfully, making positive differences in the lives of each other and our guests.

Simple Fun

  • Wholesome simple fun is an essential component of our success.

  • We will create an environment where fun is expected by our staff and guests. Have fun while being productive.

Exceeding Expectations

  • We always strive to create “wow” factors.

  • We will provide our guests with an extraordinary and memorable experience that is more than what they expect.


  • New and creative ideas are essential for improving our facilities and expanding on our potential.

  • We will promote an environment that encourages creativity and sharing of ideas.


  • Guest and employee safety and well-being are a high priority.

  • We will establish and promote a safe environment for our employees and our guests. We will encourage all guests and staff to identify and report potential safety risks.


  • Education is a vital component of growth and development for staff and guests.

  • We will provide opportunities for our staff to develop their God-given gifts and abilities. We will provide interactive experiences for guests to discover agriculture.


meet the farmers

The Cherry Crest property dates back to the early 1700s, when it was owned by the Ferree family, who came to the Pequea Valley from France to escape religious persecution. Though her husband Daniel died before coming to the New World, Marie Ferree settled here with her seven children. The farm and surrounding land was passed down through several Ferree generations before being sold to numerous different families over the years.


Today, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is family-owned and operated by Jack and Donna Coleman, who moved here from New Jersey with their children in 1987. Though they began as dairy farmers, they currently have beef cows, raise broilers for Tyson, and crop farm over 300 acres. They ventured into the agri-tainment business in 1996 with their first Amazing Maize Maze, “Locomotive Labyrinth.” 

Over the years, Cherry Crest has grown from being the “farm with a corn maze” to being a 15-acre adventure farm, with 50+ Farm Fun activities, including the Hay Chute Slide and Straw Bale Racer, Jump Pillow, Farm Tour Wagon Ride, Petting Zoo and Farm Experience Center, Corny’s Ball-cade, and of course the Corn Maze.


Jack and Donna are still very much involved with the daily operation of the farm, and their kids are too! Their oldest daughter Sherri has taken over much of the accounting and financial work at the farm as the Chief Financial Officer, and lives down the road with her husband and family. Their youngest daughter Shelly works as the Chief Operations Officer at the adventure farm, and runs Cherry Crest Meadows with her husband and kids. Their oldest son Jerry lives with his wife and family in New York, where he does crop farming. Jack and Donna have two younger sons, Jared and Dylan, who still live at home. Jared is heavily involved in the shop and on the farm, helping with construction projects and tending the chicken houses. Dylan is quite knowledgeable in the area of digital media, and helps to produce videos for the farm and the maze. Jack and Donna also have nine grandchildren, many of whom work at the farm as well.


In 2019, we celebrated 23 years of growing fun!