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Creation of a Locking Feature Region:You can use the Locking Feature region to ensure that the selected features are kept locked. To create a Locking Feature region, use the Locking Feature function.Rapid Quoting of Features:In AutoCAD you can quickly add quotes to selected features and attributes by using the Function>Add Reference command. To do this, just type “qr” at the command line.Organizer:You can use the Organizer to find, compare, or check differences between two assemblies. Find differences among assemblies on the same sheets, but on different drawing sheets. Use the Organizer to mark differences between separate assemblies and then to get a list of changed features.Function AutoFill:Create combinations or groups of actions in a sequence and then run these sequences automatically. For example, you can specify actions to be performed when you enter or exit specific areas of your drawing. If you add a specific piece of equipment to your drawing, AutoFill can create and run a sequence of actions. (video: 1:32 min.)Advanced Analysis:Use advanced analysis functions to quickly explore and understand the effect of changes to your design. Select a set of features and then use the Analyze Feature command to generate a report with information about the features.Canvas Window:The Canvas Window allows you to see all the layers and sheets on the drawing canvas. Use the Canvas Window to make it easier to navigate to the drawing layer where a feature is located and to hide layers that are not currently in use.Color Inspector:The Color Inspector is a tool that helps you to quickly and efficiently select colors and apply the proper gradation curves.File Manager:Use the File Manager to quickly access files. File Manager automatically updates all the links and paths in your drawing.Link:Use the Link command to easily and accurately align two or more drawings.Walking Instructions:Use the Walking Instructions tool to select individual components and then to draw detailed assembly instructions.One-Click Zooming:You can zoom the drawing into specific areas quickly with the Zoom – In command. For example, you can select the area where you want to zoom in or you can zoom the drawing into the area of the drawing that you are working on. You can also 2be273e24d


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