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The Role of the Problem in Writing a Dissertation

The problem in any project plays a paramount role. It is she who sets the author's guideline, predetermines the field of study: what primary sources are useful, what exactly should be studied, what measures and methods to apply, etc.

Not a single work (be it a term paper, diploma or dissertation work) is unthinkable without concretizing the problem and putting forward an appropriate hypothesis (suggested solution). In the absence of this element, the research project will turn into a banal retelling of existing works, an abstract.

The contradiction is the identification of certain inconsistencies, criticism, different positions on the same issue. For example, one and the same theory can be interpreted from different angles, in different ways, but at the same time its meaning should be the same in any case. If the authors present the concept in their own way and take different positions from each other, this should raise suspicion about the reliability of the materials. Evidence of the theory by different researchers should vary, but the outcome (result, trend) should be the same (taking into account small errors).

Studying a specific topic without taking into account various factors, you can identify a lot of contradictions, but only one of them or a small combination of several contradictions will develop into a problem. To formulate a problem, it is not enough to identify a shortcoming or inconsistency, it is also necessary to take into account: the topic and keywords, the goal and objectives of the project, the subject and object, the methodology. These parameters will significantly reduce the “search zone” and allow you to note in detail the most difficult moment, the criterion that needs to be solved, which affects the object, etc.

What can be attributed to the contradictions in scientific work?

It is possible to determine the research problem only on the basis of current, modern works. Relevance and suspense are the key parameters of this element. It is possible to trace the “deformations” of the problem, earlier attempts to solve it on the basis of early scientific and other works. Thus, the disclosure and specification of this element will be obvious in the theoretical part, and in the practical part, the real action and significance, the need for prompt measures to solve it, will be demonstrated.

Based on the diagnosed problem, the must put forward his own hypothesis (proposed solution and result), subject to proof / refutation. It will be checked throughout the work and ultimately lead to a certain result: the solution or the impossibility of solving the contradiction.

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