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Truboymodels Scotty



... truboymodels scotty Scotty Scotty ( . $- 'FULL MODE'- $- 'ROOT'. ,. A MILLION DOLLARS FOR JESUS is a 2018 American drama film directed by Tim Woodward and written by Mark V. Simmons. , [*] ,. . Scotty Starbuck Scotty Starbuck is a fictional character on the American television show, The Next Generation. Scotty is portrayed by actor Scott Bakula. He is the first officer and chief engineer on the starship USS Enterprise-D. . Scotty has a daughter: Tilly Starbuck (played by Carli Mosier). Scotty appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode "Unification" and in the third season episode "Measure of a Man". He also guest starred in several episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and was the main character in Star Trek: Generations. Early life and career Scotty was born in 1956, in Toronto, Canada. He was the eldest of three sons born to Fred (1921–2007) and Lois (Mann, 1922–1990) Starbuck. His brother is Theodore "Ted" Starbuck (1947–1986). Before joining the Starfleet, Scotty worked at an automobile repair shop. He later moved to Chicago where he became friends with a Starfleet officer named Pavel Chekov. As his friendship with Chekov grew, he eventually began spending more time with him and eventually became his roommate. Scotty, Chekov, and his younger brother Larry became familiar with many Russian phrases, which helped Scotty enter Starfleet Academy. Personality and character traits Scotty displays an eccentric personality. He is often prone to looniness and foolishness. In order to joke with his crewmates, Scotty often uses unconventional terminology. His sense of humor can be considered crude, but he can joke or be friendly towards both genders. Scotty is well-educated and constantly making up new words and mathematical equations. On one occasion, Scotty recited a book of poetry to the entire crew. On another occasion, he taught the crew about the Fourier transform and developed equations to convert time intervals into mathematical points. Scotty is a man of many talents, from fixing things to building things. His skills were a great asset to the USS Enterprise. He is adept at repairing a


Truboymodels Scotty

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